5 Ways Bruce Jenner’s Transgender Journey Teaches A Huge Lesson About Self Acceptance

By Imani Brammer

Bruce Jenner sat down with Diane Sawyer for an exclusive two-hour interview, where he detailed the difficulty of his life as Bruce and the yearning desire for a life as a woman.  For 65 years of his life, Jenner has deceived the public about his identity, but more importantly, he betrayed himself. At last, Jenner’s feminine soul caught up with his false masculine persona and he is finally ready to lead a fulfilling life as the person he is meant to be. Jenner’s bravery and humility can teach us a lot about self-acceptance.


Here are 5 ways we can improve on accepting ourselves:

  1. Look at the shortcomings of the greats to see how they’ve mastered their own flaws, or turned it into something better. Maya Angelou, who was known as a best-selling author, poet laureate and powerful speaker, was also once a smoker, teenaged mother and a prostitute. She isn’t known for her shortcomings, however, because she isn’t defined by her life’s imperfections. If Angelou focused on her drawbacks, we may not have known her as the powerful and renowned woman to leave behind an honorable legacy.
  2. Don’t be afraid to use beauty as your outlet. When you are having the most horrid day, nothing can beat a mean face beat. It’ll make you feel like you’re conquering whatever hurdles the day throws. We all know that uplifting ourselves on the inside is key, but sometimes, uplifting yourself on the outside works just as well. Bruce Jenner said that Kim Kardashian has already started to give him fashion tips. Kim may have a world of haters, but there’s one thing that she got right: if you’re gonna do it, do it BIG.
  3. Talk to yourself out loud. Sometimes hearing our own thoughts can be a moment of clarification. Acknowledge your downfalls, acknowledge what you are doing to improve them, and celebrate yourself for facing these flaws and going in for the better! There is nothing better than self-awareness that leads to self-improvement. In due time, you can look back and see how you’ve grown. Seeing self-progress is like hitting a personal lottery. Can’t nothin’ bring you down!
  4. Write it down! Draft a Dear Me. List all the ways you are great and remind yourself that you would not be authentic if you did not have flaws. At the end of the day, shortcomings are only confirmations that you are human! At least you know that for sure!
  5. Be patient with yourself. The world won’t, so you’ve got to be the sweet one. Remember that no one’s great until they can prove that they’ve started somewhere. No one’s inspirational, until they can show that they’ve gotten better. We all have something to show. Show you what you’ve got!

Let’s take Jenner’s clarifying journey as a note to ourselves. His entire life has prepared him for this moment and he is the only person who can understand the true depth of his narrative. After 65 years, he is ready to embrace it all.
Bruce said, “I am nothing if I can’t be me.” Let’s learn from his words. You are nothing if you cannot accept yourself. Accept yourself, or accept nothing at all.


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