Always Follow Up!!!

I got what I always asked for, and then I had no idea what to do next…



4 thoughts on “Always Follow Up!!!

  1. I think you should pick another controversial musician to write about. I didn’t pay attention to Bobby before you wrote the article and I started investigating a whole heap of music videos for myself after your post. So thanks so much for your voice.

    Your video presence is awesome. 🙂

      1. Hi again… I thought you might be interested in this video. I had a workshop when I was a freshman in college with bell hooks… and I still love her work(s). She touches on things that you brought up in your article about Bobby… and many other things you might relate to… I’m hoping. Arthur Jafa… is the guest in the dialogue and he’s awesome. Anyhow… it’s a little over an hour long but worth it. I hope you enjoy and good luck with your own writing!

        Transgression in Public spaces : a dialogue between bell hooks & arthur java

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