Kitty Kash On Sex Appeal And Being Healthy

By Imani Brammer

Young Brooklyn DJ and mix tape artist, Kitty Kash, whose soft, airy vocals permeate through Soundcloud and who’s presence have graced the pages of, has recently sat down in an interview with The Fader, where she detailed how every aspect of life is incorporated into her style.

This young Brooklynite, who once adored Roc-a-Wear sweat suits sported with every color Timberland you could imagine, has evolved, blending elegance with street, creating a funky yet clean persona. In her latest visual album, “Love the Free Vol. 2,” wearing Chromat garments, her style is a playing field of boyish edge with effortless sex appeal. Kitty Kash, a forward-thinker, does not hold seductive appeal synonymous to showing skin—at least not all the time.

“Naturally I like to feel sexy, so as long as I feel sexy I’m happy. Whether that’s me in sneakers or a lace top and bodycon skirt, as long as I feel sexy, that works. People confuse dressing sexy with, “Oh, it’s time to show skin,” but I think there’s a lot of different playful ways to do that.”

Google Kitty Kash and you’ll find bold print atop soft, loose fitting material, simple t-shirts with short shorts and an oversized jacket with a pleated skirt, just to name a few of her outfit choices.

Photo taken from The Fader
Photo taken from The Fader

She understands that style does not only shine through clothing selections, but throughout every life choice as well. With this in mind, Kitty Kash makes a conscious effort to have a natural glow without the aid of makeup. Resorting to ConcenTrace, a super liquid consisting of 72 minerals one can receive from a raw food diet, she adds ten drops to her meals daily. Whenever stressed, she reaches for her Holy Basil, a natural sidekick that fights pimples and rashes. Moisturizing her skin with coconut oil and spritzing Vitamine E for an after glow, she intends to keep her skin soft and pleasing to look at.

Kitty Kash is fully aware that external beauty starts from within. A Body con dress, bold print and mesh top is fabulous on it’s own, but dynamite on a healthy body.


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