When Did Beyoncé get a Thigh Gap?

By Imani Brammer

Recently, social media erupted with an uproar over Beyoncé’s Instagram, when users discovered that Queen Bey’s picture perfect Instagram wasn’t actually so perfect. Over the years, the world has watched Beyoncé fluctuate through weight phases, from her tiny waist and wide hips, to her voluptuous butt and angular face, to her thick — now skinny thighs. In fact, Beyoncé’s legs look so thin, that she appears to have a thigh gap, something we’ve never seen from her before. It turns out, Beyoncé was photoshopping some of her photographs.

The irony here is that while everyone is striving to be Queen Bey, Queen Bey is striving to be something else. This shows, that though her every move and shimmy is performed with an idolizing level of accuracy, perfection does not stream through her veins. Like anyone else, she is sometimes laden with insecurity. Bey’s notorious photoshopping activity is a direct act of self-consciousness.

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