Mac DeMarco, Fangirling and 4Knots Weirdness

By Imani Brammer

Mac DeMarco’s brown bucket hat coincided perfectly with the South Street Seaport’s fisherman theme laden with ship docking ports, hippies and cool breeze. As the Pier 16’s ocean waves moved freely behind him on stage, a ship sailed the water just as he approached his chorus, “ooh, when life moves this slowly,” in his song, “Cooking Up Something Good.” His dirty blond hair gently blew beneath his hat. The 4Knots crowd cheered as he excitedly picked up the beat on his guitar and screamed into the microphone, “chewing Nicorette!” He eased back into the chorus with his unabashed and dry, yet tranquil tone.

After his evening performance Saturday at The Village Voice’s 4Knots Music Festival, the fan girls and boys spotted him outside the concert: there was no hesitation to stand in line and await an epic DeMarco selfie.

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