Was Maya Angelou a THOT?

By Imani Brammer 

In the wake of Maya Angelou’s death, as the masses grieve, send condolences and partake in the influx of Maya Angelou internet remembrance via poems, quotes and self-created paragraphs, there is also a legion of individuals who are using Maya Angelou to belittle women. Across social media platforms is a wave of prevailing memes, tweets, Facebook statuses and Tumblr re-blogs to support the new word replacement for ho: THOT, (which stands for That Ho Over There). Now that THOT is the going anti-feminist pop culture term used to denigrate women and deem them worthless, there has been a recent overload of a common theme that states, “You’re not allowed to appreciate Maya Angelou if you’re a THOT.”   

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