Wavy Spice is Dominating the Underground

ImageBy Imani Brammer

Mermaid girl from el barrio, (the neighborhood), around the way with French nails and a Goosebumps backpack, she elicits spiritual dignity, a raw disposition, and enough talent to keep her level-headed.  She is a published writer, with several articles in Represent magazine, she has been invited to make appearances as well as host at raging parties, and she is a very gifted model. With  flavorful charisma and a cultured outlook, she walks with nostalgia at the brim of heart. In her Bronx home, she stays deeply rooted in childhood memories, where she reads in her Bronx home among dolls, Pokemon sheets and her Barbie diary. On Monday, July 16th, I interviewed Destiny, also known as Wavy Spice, in which we spoke about her recent video premiere  “Bitch I’m Posh,”  her future aspirations and her life overall. Check out her “Bitch I’m Posh” video and  interview below.