Drake’s First Ever Arena Concert–in Ireland

By Imani Brammer

On Saturday, March 24, for the first time in his six years of underground fame to mainstream popularity, underground king Aubrey “Drizzy” Drake Graham performed at his first arena show of all time, at the O2 Arena—in Ireland.

To show respect for the Irish people, he stopped in the middle of the show, brought out a huge glass of Guinness, and drank it on stage, Ireland’s green, orange and white flag on his back to supplement his Irish act. Jumping  up and down with the flag, Drake lacked anything but excitement and passion.

“I go by the name of Drizzy motha fuckin Drake,” he said.

drake 2

He was definitely “feelin his self,” and the audience was feelin’ him even more.

“Olay, olay, olay, olay!” they screamed, showing their die-hard fan appreciation to the former wheelchair Jimmy. Drake provided the audience with laughter and innocent entertainment as he fake wheel chaired on the stage, referring to his former Degrassi character.


Calling out girls from different angles of the audience, the crowd only became more and more energized as the show went on.

“Girl over there in the corner, I would do you,” he said. At that point a devoted male fan in the crowd jumped on top his friend’s shoulders in a desperate search of Drake’s attention.

“OVOXO!!!” the guy screamed.

“Dudes over there, I see you. You two must be real close to have him sitting on top of your shoulders,” Drake said.


Another guy in the audience punched someone in the face for pushing him a little too hard.  The guys were worse than the females, I swear.

By the end of the concert, fans were crying. Literally. But hey, “only live once that’s the motto nigga yolo.”

An emotional fan after the concert

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